All pages are the same?

So you visit your website, navigate to anoher page only to find it displaying the content from your homepage. The URL is displaying the correct page adress, but the content disagrees..

This one is really simple- Try disabling 'Pretty URL's' in the dashboard.

 For Concrete5 Version 5.5+,-

  1. Hover over 'Dashboard'
  2. Select 'System & Settings'
  3. Select 'SEO & Statistics'
  4. Select 'Pretty URL's'
  5. Uncheck the box
  6. Now go back to your website, navigate through to other pages and you should find that all your content is visible again.
You can also use the 'Intelligent Search' and search for 'Pretty URL's'.

I'd recommend to investigate with your hosting company as to what changes they may have made recently. To activate 'Pretty URL's' again, follow the instructions as above and for point no.6- Check the box to activate again.

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