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Now you have your website, you'll occassionally want to add some nice pictures and photos. Services like Getty Images and Shutterstock offer stock photography for the masses but for some, the cost can be overwhelming and unjustified.

Have no fear: There are many places where you can get free images to use on your website. Most free images are released under the Creative Commons Licences, which usually means that you can use them so long as you create an attribution link back to the original photo.

One such service is 'Free For Commercial Use'; offering free photos under the (Attribution) Creative Commons Licence. You are free to use any of these images; Simply create a link back to original owner.

For free images daily:

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'Free For Commercial Use' is still a fairly new service but they have a great selection of photos already. 'Free For Commercial Use' simply gather/ source the photos from around the world wide web. Each photo has a comment below with a title, description and information.  

To use any of the free photos; Select your preferred photo, scroll down to the comment and look for the original URL. Now when you use the photo on your website, simply add the URL (of the original creator) to the same page where you used the photo. 

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