Got writers block?

Obviously, the more you write, the better it will be for the search engines. 400-500 words per page is the norm.

If you find it a challenge to write 500 words about a project, a good tip is to describe the process step-by-step from start to finish; what the client wanted, how you started, your approach, the first step/design/idea, the changes, the challenges and their solutions, the method (i.e. Software used, paints used, craft methods, materials used etc.), design inspiration.

Include every minute, insignificant detail you can think of and you'll quickly find yourself writing enough copy to help maximise the attention your article receives.

You also have the opportunity to further increase the potential of your new website by writing fun, informative, useful blog articles ( Write about personal projects, personal activities, YouTube videos, tips, tutorials and how-to's etc.)

Remember... It's all about getting visitors to your site; so, no more posting images/vids/stuff directly onto social networks... From now on, you post to your website, copy the link to the new page you just created and then paste/share the link to your social networks.
You want more people visiting the website so make it easy for them.

If the end-user/visitor can see the whole image/ article/ video on fb, then they will have no reason to go to website; Instead, Give the user only a preview/ teaser of your new content/blog article/ project/ video etc. Now when the user clicks on any link, they will be taken to your website where they will more than likely spend some time exploring your magnificent content (The longer a user stays on your website, the better the search engine results will be); so keep your content interesting and regular. It's not impossible to post a new article every fortnight and it will certainly help with getting your website up the rankings.


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